What started as a semi-joke on Twitter is moving towards becoming a reality thanks to some volunteers partnering with Mental Health Hackers. The idea was that the cyber security industry should have an equivalent of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. Stories from real professionals working in the industry.

This page is where any member of the community who has a short story, poem, or other piece of literature related to working in cyber security can submit their content to be included in what will eventually be turned into a book with a collection of stories. You can submit as a block of text in the form or your content as a document.

We do ask that you provide a name and email so that we can contact you if we plan to include your story in the book or have questions/comments, but we provide you the option to remain anonymous when the story is published publicly.

We can’t wait to read the submissions and build a collection of stories from the community!

PDF, doc, and docx filetypes allowed.