If you are interested in presenting a topic at a MHH Mental Health & Wellness village, please submit below. We have several options and are always looking for new and helpful content for our peers!

**NOTE** Providing tickets to speakers is at the discretion of the conference. We cannot guarantee free tickets for our speakers, but we can guarantee our eternal gratitude.

**NOTE** None of the activities are recorded in the village

Presentations – If you would like to present a slideshow or speak to the audience of the village on a topic. Examples include:

  • Demystifying Counseling
  • Time Management
  • Identifying and Countering Destructive Forces Amongst Us
  • Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • How to recognize an abusive relationship
  • PTSD

Discussion Groups – If you would like to lead a discussion on a topic that you are passionate about, or want to learn more about yourself. Examples include:

  • Dealing with ADHD
  • Self Care and Emotional Intelligence
  • Helping loved ones with mental illness
  • Autism Q&A
  • Finding a feeling of belonging

Other – If you have something else to offer that is related to mental health & wellness we would love to hear from you as well! Examples include:

  • Yoga instruction
  • Therapy Dog/cat/other random animal
  • Paracord crafts
  • Meditation