Mental Health Hackers is dedicated to educate information security professionals about the unique mental health risks faced by those in our field and provide guidance on reducing the effects of related mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, social isolation, and other mental health disorders.

We have focused these education efforts into creating “conference villages” that offer a common place to allow like minded individuals to share and grow as a community, to better our mental health and the health of those around us. 

The following is an overview of what Mental Health Hackers provides when running a village at a conference. What is included varies based on the village level sponsored by the conference:

Chair Massages – Massage is one of the top rated relaxing activities. It is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. MHH pays for qualified registered massage therapists in full, plus 20% tips so you can enjoy during the conference. 

Fidget Tables – Fidget spinners, fidget cubes, and a variety of other “fidget toys”. Attendees can get all the fidgets out of their system before attending talks. (Hand sanitizer included because Con Flu is real)

Trial Tables – Heard about all the products that can help improve your mental health but not quite sure whether you believe the buzz enough to buy it? Our trial tables will have weighted blankets, happy lights, DamnIt dolls, and audible meditation so attendees can see what the hype is all about for free-hundred-dollars.

Craft Tables – Sometimes we just need to release our inner child and relax with a mindless, enjoyable activity. That’s what our craft tables are for. Attendees can take a break to color in adult coloring books, make paracord bracelets, as well as other crafts offered by members of the community!

Air Loungers – They say a picture is worth a thousand words so check out the photo gallery below.

Educational Information – One of Mental Health Hackers’ main goals is awareness. We aren’t mental health professionals so we aren’t at an event to diagnose or treat attendees. We do, however, come armed with educational resources to ensure that attendees are informed about issues and available resources to help them with any problems they or their loved ones may have.

Educational Events – One of the best ways of bringing awareness to mental health issues in the industry is to have professionals who have experienced these issues share with others in the community. We organize both talks and discussion groups that aim to break the stigma of mental health issues and create a safe environment for open sharing. Note: We strive to make the mental health village a safe space where educators and attendees can have open discussions; for that reason, talks and discussion groups will NOT be recorded at any events.

Meditation & Yoga – Meditation rooms are quiet, warm, welcoming environments. When available, smaller rooms are used to separate out meditation and yoga activities from the noise and commotion of the rest of the events. Our meditation rooms include soothing music and lighting, yoga mats, and other comforts.